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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Early Morning Rise!

This has to be the earliest I've gotten up, on my own accord, in like, forever!  Waking around six am I discovered, while trying to go back to sleep in vain, that I was WIDE awake.  With nothing left to do, I took an early morning ride.  SOOOO much nicer that time of day!  Not to hot, low humidity, I was able to get in a good hour before arriving at the shop.  Now, all clean and outside goodies out, I find myself twiddling my thumbs. 
Yesterday was an ODD bird!  Oh, PLEASE don't get me wrong, I was very thankful for the busyness, but it was weird.  The day started off with a minor repair, then it got REAL quite for the whole morning and early afternoon.  Then, around two PM, BOOM!!  We had a rush of folks come in on top of each other and sent four bikes to new homes in less then ten minuets!  It was wicked!  To watch them all in the parking lot, at the same time stuffing their new rides into their cars. Well, three of them.  One guy rode his home! 
As far as new builds?  enh?  THAT'S a different story!  Started THREE!  Of course, forgetting the cardinal rule "Check to make sure you have all the parts BEFORE you start the work" left me with three half to three quarter builds, stymied on each!  ARRGH!  I hate the thought of having to pick up NEW parts, as it adds WAY to much to the price!  So, mayhaps we see what today brings, and if we are lucky, we won't have to go that direction!
Well, I have hit a turning point, and made a commitment yesterday, I hope I have the will power to keep!  I have signed myself up at the local gym.  Reality of my current physical condition has nagged at me for sometime, but one real good look in the mirror the other night made me say "DAMN!" and quickly grab a full size towel to cover up.  Yes.  The effects of the last eight years of working on bikes, has been about 100 pounds of weight gain, because I barely ride bikes anymore!  Oh, sure, I ride to work each morning and home each evening but it's barely 2.5 miles! I have a dog on a tether riding slowly, and with a kid most times, the majority of whom try to even coast UP hills.  So I am NOT really working myself out! 
I hope for a change!
OK, enough blabbering for a while, best get back at it!
Gorgeous day outside, HINT,HINT, hope to see y'all soon!

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