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Wednesday, August 27, 2014


WA-HOOO!!  Got in another truck  load of rides (to be) yesterday!  The cleanouts begin for the new year!  This is when storage facilities, retirement villages, apartment complexes all start to empty out their holds of unclaimed rides.  They end up in one of two places, scrap yards (not good) and HERE!  (VERY good!)  ALSO, got in a few donations yesterday as well (thank you very much!)  So I got goodie a plenty to work on!  THANKS to the flood of repairs that have been coming in!  PLEASE keep up the bread and butter folks! HAVE to make up for a lackluster summer!  Coming out of it was touch and go....but can see the clearing through the tree line!  With a little strength and perseverance, we all hope to survive! 
As I mentioned yesterday, was running about to get stuff done, by the time I got back, and got caught up, we had taken in several repairs so that was the remainder of my day.  Unfortunately, I did not get to dig into the new goodies...yet!  Got about three more bikes to fix, then on to the newbies!
I would like to say a sad, and forlorn goodbye to our Neighbor, "The Wren's Nest"  Today is there last day in operation, just got the word over my morning coffee. I really hate to see them go for they are REALLY good people!  Our best wishes for you and your family, and our prayers are with you!
Yes, folks, sadly things are tough all over!  But I have to believe when one door closes, another one opens.  The only problem is just how long and dark the hallway may be between them!
Yes, I know, a tad maudlin for first thing in the morning, but it always saddens me when something good has to come to an end!
SO, on that somber note, I best avert my attentions elsewhere and hope that productivity lessons the impact!
See ya soon!


  1. WHAT??? NO!!!!!!!!!!!


    I was there this moring, early, got a cinnamon bun and they never said a word. Business as usual. All smiles.

    I think I'm going to cry...

  2. You and me BOTH buddy! He told me when I came in to get my first cup of joe around 6:30! mY jaw DROPPED! They are such good people, but word came down that the partners just decided to close it up! SUCKS!!!!

  3. WAIT A MINUTE!!! You were there YESTERDAY and you didn't pop in to say HI??!

  4. Yeah, well... yeah. It was really early (barely light) and I knew I had to get over to US 19 and Enterprise Blvd. to check out a restaurant situation there for The Lovely JoAnn and her co-workers, then head south ALONG US 19 to Druid Road to see if there'd been any progress with the lack of a crosswalk there. (There hadn't.) Long rides put me in PUSH! mode.

    Rode to St. Pete this morning (Man, talk about PUSH!) and have a dental appointment tomorrow morning.

    Next week will be more laid back. I hope.