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Friday, February 28, 2014

WooF! What A Thursday!

Blessings abound! 
Even given the over cast, gray weather yesterday folks were still coming out in droves!  I knew the Trek 4300 was looking for just the right rider.  The bike was a medium frame, and whereas it was still a VERY nice ride, it was not a popular size.  Low and behold the perfect gent walked in yesterday!  He was of sturdy build but cursed with short legs and looking for a good, solid well built higher end ride that would fit his frame.  BINGO!  As always, the bike picks the rider.  The green Fuji we put together the night before left real quick with a gent that KNEW the value of a classic Hard tail.  The Giant Rincon, that again had been put out the night before, is testament to a cautionary tale.  Had a gent call the night before VERY interested in it (turns out he is a repeat customer) but decided to wait until yesterday to come in and check it out.  He called again yesterday afternoon asking if we still had it in stock, and stated he was going to try and come in and view it. At the time he called, it was still available.  Although, Earlier in the day, a young lady had come in and test rode it, and as it fit her tall stature, she was smitten.  But, as any wise shopper would do, she was going to "another" shop to look at what they had in stock.  An hour past and she returned eagerly to pick it up.  Obviously she saw what "other" bike shops in the area charge!  As this sort of things has happened far to often in the past,  I thought best to call the other gent back and inform him that it had sold and to save himself the trip if he was indeed going to come in.
I left a message.
10 seconds later.....
The gent (who had fought traffic coming from Saint Pete *GUILT*!) was less then ten minuets away and was looking for final directions.  At this point I informed him the bike indeed had sold, to which he responded (although clearly disappointed) that he understood.  He came by any way but unfortunately at that time I was tapped out other then a few "not what he was looking for" bikes.  The morale of the story; " If you see something on our website you REALLY like, use a credit card over the phone and ensure it will be here waiting for you"
Yesterday also saw some unbelievably SWEET deals come through the door!  And I mean WOOF!  We have been sitting on three Orbea project bikes since October of last year.  At this point they are just taking up space but an obligation is an obligation.  We had a gent email us a couple weeks ago stating that he was interested in the mountain bike, and would we be willing to do a trade.  As nothing else was happening with the bikes I said "Sure" I'd be willing to check out what he had.  Then I heard nothing back.  Turns out he had to go out of country on business for a bit, but returned yesterday and we were the first on his "to-do" list.  I didn't expect much when he called but what he brought in damn near blew my mind!  And he KNEW what he had!  In trade for a semi-complete Orbea we got a COMPLETE, PRISTINE 56cm 2006 carbon/alloy Fuji Roubaix RC road bike!
For those not in the know, suffice to say she had an MSRP of $2000.00!!!!  Not ONLY that, but a disassembled but complete ladies 2006 Specialized Dolce Elite!!  That one had an MSRP of $1300.00!!!  Then on top of it, he had two sets of areo-bars, a sweet set of carbon drop bars (which already sold quicker then I could blink!) and another set of v-rims!   WOW!!  But, he was happy and we were DEFINITELY happy and the lucky new owners of these rides (whomever they may be) will MOST DEFINITELY be happy!  If nothing else, because we got a sweet deal, we will be selling them equally sweet!  Just check out the Fuji below and drool at the low, low price! 
On the home front, got my usual round of texts with Elijah yesterday evening as he was waking up to go to work (did I mention his job is third shift...YUCK!) he definitely sounds less then thrilled with his vocational choice at the moment.  I'm gonna have to script a very heart felt yet firm e-mail inspiring him to stick with it.  Kaleb has, for some unknown reason, been ramping up his dormant rebellious attitude.  Someone has stuck a broom handle up his butt and I think the splinters are causing some annoyance.  So much so that he feels compelled to inflict it on everyone else!  As always, once the evil side comes into view, we clamp down on all the pressure valves!  Rescinding cell phone and all freedoms until he gets his act together.  OF COURSE, I have a conference with the school next week to discuss "getting him back on track".  *Sigh*, I really had hoped we were done with all this! Of course as is always the case, we cannot ever be given the opportunity to deal with just ONE juvenile problem at a time.  Nothing serious, it just seems all the little needling animosity between pairings in the house seem to come to full bloom at the same time.  The Owen/Rozy nit picking fest goes on, unabated, and the Owen/Logan "would you leave me ALONE" prodding is enough to make your cackles get cackles!  The only saving grace in it all was that last night, as I sat at the table having my "coming home from work" cup of coffee, the girls were all running about, playing on the floor in front of me, and the pure joy of their unfettered abandon, and hysterical giggling made all the other carp melt away.
Of course the household cacophony brought out the Irish in Angi and the Yankee in me, so in all good fun we both stepped blithely into full character and had good fun playing the part of arrogant blowhard and hot tempered wife, quickly devolving into Daddy chasing Mommy about the house with equally meted open palmed butt smacks accompanied by a variety of slandering insults.   No, that kind of frivolity is not for everyone but for Yankee's and Irish it's called "foreplay"! 
All right, I have blathered enough, "I got some heavy chores to do"  (that reminds me, I haven't watched "Blazing Saddles" in a while!) So I'll talk at ya soon!

Abso-freakin-lutely GORGEOUS "LIKE-NEW" 20" Schwinn Hawkeye!
ONLY $80.00!!!

ONLY $735.00!!!!!!

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