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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder.

Well, yesterday saw Elijah leaving the nest again.  He got the call Tuesday evening that they picked up a small job in Jacksonville that needed to be done on their way to Missouri.  After five days home, he didn't want to leave.  To quote Joni Mitchell "you don't know what you got 'till it's gone", and isn't that always the way?  Although, in truth, it is not to surprising.  I've known for some time that Elijah would always have a problem leaving the nest.  Obviously, parents can read their children from a young age and figure out how those things will go.  Oh, Kaleb and Owen will leaving flaming skid marks at the front door the day they hit eighteen!  Logan, hopefully going to college, will do so with some reluctance.  Rozy, the same, but with a twitch of excitement for the unknown.  Izzy and Miranda, to soon to tell, but whatever those two do will wow the world!  After only a month on the road, as I had mentioned before, Elijah returned with a new respect for what he has.  I don't say "had" because this is still his home and I envision will remain being his stop over point for some time.  I can only hope that in the next few months he's on the road, he will adjust.  I'm a tad bit concerned that his home sickness may compel him to do something impulsive and give up on his employment.  It's not the fact that he doesn't enjoy the job, it's just that a young man with a first job that so separates him from his safety net, may become a wee bit overwhelming.  As with all the children, we have come to realize that with an eye to caution and their security, we have been very guarded as parents, not allowing them to foster their individual experiences of the world in lieu of concerns for all the evil it holds.  The end result is children who are dependent and possibly unable to contend with the realities they will be forced to face. 
Parenting is a learning experience with a severe bell curve!
Thankfully, with the availability of technology that keeps us in constant contact when necessary (yes, even though I complain about said technology) I can only hope he will turn to me to help "Talk him off the ledge" if ever it gets to be too much. 
On to work.  Yesterdays unfortunate  regression into nasty winter weather, slowed the influx of looky loo's,  and shoppers, but gave me the opportunity to get some more goodies built!  Put out a gorgeous example of early "Giant" pre-hybrid, Crosses.  This ladies hot pink Rincon is to die for!  Resplendent with  NEW tires, a FULL re-furb and wide comfy seat!  Also, a labor of respect that we acquired last week, saw the light of a new day with the donor transplants from the Trek we got a couple days ago.  The Trek had WAY to much corrosion on the aluminum frame, but the parts (having been installed only a few months prior) were in EXCELLENT shape!  Their addition to the gorgeous lime green Fuji Hardtail really makes it POP!  I do so hope the previous owner of this fine bike can appreciate it's new life. 
Today, we have some scrap bikes to part out, one of which has some NICE accoutrement's to showcase in our parts department ( Then, as I have a new bevy of babies to rebuild, I will be banging on them later.  And, oh yea, got a slew of repairs to catch up on as why am I still talking?
See ya soon!
ONLY $125.00!!

ONLY $135.00!!!

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