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Thursday, September 24, 2015


I think that's the longest pause between posts for me in a LONG time!
Nine days...
So, okay, trippy part is, not a lot has changed!  Still working in the summer heat and darkness (yes, September, is STILL summer in Florida), the reality is, misery loves company.  We have heard from many folks telling us similar tales of woe.  The summer here has been SOOOOO bad for so many people.  Trickle down economics. Basically that means the little guy gets "trickled"on!  Sadest story we heard was from a VERY sweet retiree (well...of age for such, but still needing to work) her family owns a Cadillac dealership and are so hard up, they can't afford lights OR water at their house!  For over three months!
Oh...i yell's the "NEW" America folks!
Well, anyway, harkening back to the old garage days, we have still been building all along, and have added several sweet rebuilds.  Got in a hard to find Hercules "nepal" low step over urban.  These suckers are German "over-engineered" but SAH-WEEEET!!!  Also, most recently, put together a scratch build "big boy" six speed cruiser today, VERY nice, and Kaleb has roughed out two DBS MTB'S ASAP that aren't FUBAR'D! Gonna try and finish them up tomorrow.  Angi and Kaleb have been doing their damndest to hold down the fort as my attendance is not as stringent as i had hoped.  What can I say?  I'm not a young man anymore, and ten hours a day in a non climate controlled warehouse? It takes its toll! Not to mention drinking rot-gut cofee until 2 in the morning, i sit out here on the porch for three hours trying to mellow out so i CAN sleep!  Then up again at 7am?  I don't think so!  Heh!  Wendsday of last week, Elijah didn't realize i was still in bed, came in at three in the afternoon, found me there and woke me with a "hey! Don't you have to work?" Oh ye,,,THAT tired!
But, i have since left instructions to not let me sleep past more is getting done.
Poor Angi, though, she's getting real hard on herself when the shop doesn't do much, but I try and reassure her, it's not anything she's not doing...just that time of year!
The morning and evening weather is getting a lot better though, so it's just a matter of time!
Today..or yesterday, was our son's Logan's birthday. He's now!  He's almost as tall as his dad!  Unfortunately, we couldn't afford a celebration, so it was a simple Happy Birthday from everyone.  Yes, over the last few months we've had to indefinitely post pone thre birthdays, but thankfully, they understand.  Bills and survival come first.  Sucks though.  Real shaft for them, but, unfortunately, beats being homeless...again!
Sorry, hate to lament so much...maybe thats why, unconsciously i haven't posted in a bit!  HA!
Every night, i pray it will get better, as we are holding on for dear life to not let this go.  And I'll tell you, its for reasons such as the following, we do...
Got a call from a gent who had brought in a Schwinn hybrid that was given to him with a badly damaged front fork he wanted to see if we could fix.  Unfortunately, the frame itself was badly tweaked, so a total loss.  He understood, but was disappointed.  However, he did go on to explain that the reason he broughr it in, was because we were the ONLY. bike shop he would ever use! He explained, we fixed his Giant last year, after two other bike shops refused  to even consider it, and he should just buy a NEW one, and two other places were looking for a kings ransom to fix it.  Then he found us!  Not only did we do it for a third of the lowest quote he got from the OTHER GUYS but that it had never ran so good!  And as that was his sole way to get to work, it was a Godsend!
That conversation made a LOT of our troubles melt away!  Lot's of folks get it, and I thank that wonderful gentleman for making me walk on air for the day!
On the homefront...
The "Banging our heads on a brick wall" has only mildly abated, but I'm still dealing with the arrogant prick I was at eighteen, and have come to the sad conclusion that had my mother, in fact, chosen to kill me in my sleep, when all the facts came out at her trial, it would have been ruled a "Justifiable Homicide "!
How i survived....I'll never know!
Kaleb turns eighteen in a week, and is under the same delusion that somehow his life will become a magical whirlwind of freedom and unbridled joy...
Has he been LIVING in the same house!?!?
Had to spend this morning having ANOTHER. "Coming to Jesus" talk this morning.  In one ear, out 'tother!
Oh well....we have five more ro pin our hopes too!
Allright, i best get cleaned up and hit the sack...long day tomorrow!
Love ya folks, see ya soon!
God Bless!

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  1. Ah, there you are, Perry!

    You know I keep threatening to buy Kaleb "On the Road" for his 18th Birthday, but lacking photos as it does, I'm not sure it would be read.

    As for Big Changes at 18, yeah, there's one: Now you get charged as an adult!

    Don't drop the soap, kid.