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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Whoops...out of date!!

Sat down this morning to get our ducks in a row and realized how woefully out of date everything was!  SHEESH!  Craigslist was littered with listings long since sold, and the blog pic's of what we had available were, like, MONTHS out of date.
I have shirked, and am duly chastised! 
SOOOO, I updated the listings with the newbies we have built up over the last couple days (and we have a bevy more were working on as well!) and will list them below, as we were building fools yesterday! 
I must say, I wish the weather we are blessed with each morning would continue throughout the day, as once nine or ten hits, the persistent heat prevails.  Yesterday was met with gray, threatening skies, so was inevitably, a slow plodding day.  BUT, we kept our spirits up on rebuilds! 
That's not to say we don't get visitors, but as expected, they are holding off until the climate is more predictable and conducive to riding.  Alas, some folks just don't have the opportunity to get out in the early AM and enjoy the cool weather ride! 
Opps, looks like I'm running out of time, I know, sort entry, but here's hoping I have more to write about Monday!
See ya soon!!

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  1. Yeah, we've probably got another six or seven weeks of summer here. Our first real cool fronts don't usually get here- all the way down here- until mid-November. (Hurricane Season goes to the end thereof.)

    On the plus side, I haven't had to shovel snow in a very long time.

    Ah, Paradise.