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Monday, September 14, 2015

Our Own Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers!

 WELL!  That's the way to start a Monday!
Went out to have my morning coffee as the kiddos got ready for school and was delighted to feel a slight chill in the air!  There was even actual dew! Oh, I'm so having hopes fall is on it's way! We felt the cold shift last night after dinner, but thought it was more wishful thinking than anything else.  Saturday showed a littke promise as well, as several folks were coming in to get their rides in working order.  A sure sign that others are cautiously optimistic as well.  Although, a sure sign of the still refraining financial strain of this season, was the sheer volume of folks desperate to sell stuff. Sad, truly, as i had to be very selective given our cash crunch.  We did, however pick up a couple goodies, in the way of a girls 20" that looks brand new (as that was a donation from our good friend, John) and a ladies DBS that is also in excellent condition.  I'll have pics of them tomorrow as i forgot to charge the computer. Sorry!
Saturday, we just chilled. Friday night , usually reserved for movie night, was instead utilized for "discussion" time with the older boys, as the younger ones watched the pic.  Oh...Elijah was of the mind, Thursday night to try and convince me of the way life really works.  Convinced that happiness trumps everything, regardless of morality, legality, common sense or the pain and suffering one persons happiness inflicts on others.  Not to mention a genuinely sincere diatribe of how certain laws, make NO sense, therefore, he is not oblidged to adhere to them.
He went on for sometime informing me that my outdated mode of obeying the rules put forth by society was senseless, and i was patient (to a point) to listen to his well worn, often repeated, reasons why certain things shouldn't be outlawed.
Somehow, he was under the impression his arguments were original.  Honestly, there were people in my parents generation saying the same bloody things, verbatim.
Once we got to the point of him asking me "so why is it illegal" i gave him the only answer that really matters "because it is."
I think he was looking for more, but given the fact I don't make the laws, doesn't matter what my opinions are, just that its my obligation to follow the law, and keep my family safe.
Yes, this went on for sometime, so in the end, Angi and I missed the movie, but watched it again with them on Saturday.
The final agreement with the boys was simple, in our house, should i even get a whiff of anything illegal I would be the one to have the police haul them away. And if, in fact, that was the lifestyle they would choose, they best start looking for another place to lay their heads....yesterday!
So, onto happier tidings! A belated SHOUT OUT to our friend, and frequent regular, Tim.  He buys and sells road bikes, and brings his booty in for work, and last week had a couple needing tweaks.  Knowing our current predicament, and the heat wave we (we'll, Angi more than me) have been under, he went out and found a couple battery operated fans to keep her cool!  Thank you SO much young sir!
Today, as it is cooler in the shop, I'm going to start stripping down some of the rides we've picked up that needed more work than we could endure the heat for (ok...I'm a whimp ) and bring them to the plant tonight and finally get to test them out on the sandblaster.
So, with that, best get a move on!
See ya soon!


  1. So you buy both of your oldest boys one-way bus tickets to Denver, make sure they get on the bus, and consider yourself ahead of the game. They'll figure out soon enough why some things are a bad idea, and you'll save the price of the bus tickets in food and power in short order.

  2. If any of your kiddos need a job and are at least 16 Penny's is hiring
    Just let me know and I can put a good word in :)

  3. If any of your kiddos need a job and are at least 16 Penny's is hiring
    Just let me know and I can put a good word in :)