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Friday, September 4, 2015

Back to the stone age, WILMA!!!

Another slow night! This time around I only had about an hours work!  Sheesh!  I actually went out to the back work area with a bucket, and spent three hours hand picking all the little left over bits of metal off the ground. I was THAT bored!
Seems things are slow, all over, as there was no call from Angi that anything needed my attention at the shop, so I ended up sleeping until almost one pm!  She did, however, manage to pick up a couple rides, that while a tad bit outdated, were prime candidates for "AS-IS SPECIALS!!!  Requiring little more than a couple tweaks, they went out super cheap!  We pass the savings on to YOU!!  Yea... we're swell that way!
Hopefully, providence will step in, the weather will be nice, and we can have a busy day.  We did get in a couple more repairs and FINALLY found a source fir 26" presta valve tubes, so I can finish working on a customers Cannondale!  This thing has been sitting fir two weeksin the summer doldrums for us to licate sone!
One thing I DID accomplish the other night, was to build "DADDY'S BLACK BOX" out of scrap wood!  What this is, is a locking control box for the power stick where all the TV and whatnot cords are plugged in.  Once installed, I and Angi will have total control of when any of the entertainment is utilized.  From now on, this family is going "techno cold turkey!"  TV, video games, ETC. are a reward for school achievement, and completion ofchores and the like.  No more zombies droning out all of existence and reality for "feed me" instant gratification!  No, they'll be reading, playing games, going outside, clumbing trees, riding bikes, the things kids SHOULD do!  And just wait until Sunday!  Thats when i unceremoniously collect ALL the cell phones, hand helds, adaptorsand power cords and lock them away in my tool box, come monday, at the plant.  The mandate being, they won't be released until the end of the school year and ONLY if they pass with a B average or better! As far as the older boys?  Only, when they get a job, can pay for the setvice AND towards the electric consumption to charge them!
Oh, and I'm getting a lick box for the thermostat, setting it at 80 and leaving it there!  Oh heck yea!  I'm going all militant!  I'll be damned if I'm paying another $600.00 light bill so the kids can keep the house at 65 every damn day!
Samuel L Jackson eat your heart out! Im the TRUE medieval!!!
And to put one final nail in the coffin, I'm going to have a landline put in the house, and scour second hand shops for a wall mounted roatary phone for the kitchen, in case of emergencies.
Daddy is SO freaking serious!
Alright, about time for a shower and bed, then up again in three hours. Yahoo!
Make it worth my time!  Ha Ha!


  1. Mr. Atherton, you rock.

    I am honored to be the Barney to your Fred.

  2. Hey, by the way, you know I wrote a book on this right?

    Look up "Wearing Smaller Shoes" on Amazon.

    Our power bill last month was $28.80.

    You're welcome.