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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

two for the price of one! to family who have inquired as to the long absense from the Blog...check your texts from this our friends?  Well, we posted a new saying in the shop.."i don't have issues..i have epic novels!"
Suffice to say, we paid off a HUGE electric bill at the house, Thursday last, and wirked out things with our landlord at the same this morning.  The shop is still dark, but will have to wait until household water is up to date!  We are scratching and clawing our way out of the hell of this summer, best we can, but feeling the strain...BIG TIME!
Angi brought up a REAL good point the other day, not only is it the weather hurting us, but the fact that gas is under 2 bucks a gallon!
We can understand why folks don't want to bother riding a bike, risking getting wet when they can drive so relatively cheap.
Sucks though...they lure them in with cheap gas, get them dependant, then hike up the price!  Watch for it folks!  By November...mark my words!
Today, being somewhat coiler, marked Suzannes first trip back to the shop!  We SOOOO Need her back on schedule!  Tired of cleaning up "accidents" in the mud room!
(On to next day...I pooped out)
Well, Suzanne went up today too, but as it was hot and humid yet again, i brought her home early to the AC...she's so spoiled!
Well. Today was pne of blessings!  My family pitched in and we got the water up to date AND the shop electric ALMOST there!!! Yay! Thanks alot folks, we REALLY appreciate the assist!  BIG TIME!  LOVE YOU!
We are now SO close to getting out of the woods we can almost taste fresh air!
Amongst it all, we even managed to get another couple rides out as well before i had to head out, a nice older ladies FS elite, and a kent 7 speed comfort bike.  We are really starting to fill up again, thank God!
I'd post pics...but I'm doing this entry on my phone, and I...don't know how to do that!  Maybe tommorow, time willing!  I have to go to the bakery in a few hours to finish the clean, then to shop...then to the plant...ugh.
Well, today marks Kalebs BIG 18TH BIRTHDAY!!  Or, as we call it around in "Decision"  day!  Will it be school....or work? I'm hoping he picks school...but....well, there's a little skeptic in me saying if he does, he'll just keep blowing it off, so he can live rent free for as long as he can push it.  What he doesn't understand is...we have portal!  We'll. KNOW. If he skips!  I've already lined up a spot at the plant....just in case!
Angi got a little busy towards close and sent one ride to a new home...the older Pacific i believe...but I'll check tommorow, that was a nice cheap banger to boot, someone lucked out cause she gave them a good deal.
Well...for now, i'm going to punch out, grab a shower and hit the sack!
G'night folks!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Kaleb. I bet one of the kids could figure out how to post pics if you trust them with your phone. Last time I trusted my techno toys to my son he rigged it so every time the word bike or bicycle appeared on screen it was replaced with butt. Freaked me out for half a day. =)

  2. John, you say that like it's a bad thing... (That's really funny.)

    But you're right: Where's the Happy Birthday Photo???

  3. Well...sad thing is i haven't SEEN hom since the 29th!! Apparently 18 is the mark of freedom and vpid of of 3.30 this am..he's not in jail...i checked. Gonna get REAL interesting Round here!