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Thursday, September 3, 2015

I swear...that clock is going BACKWARDS!

Lord, what a SLOW nighr!  Sheesh! Got into the plant this afternoon and my to-do list was only four items! About two hours worth of work i had to stretch to ten! Seriously, by eleven i was SO BORED i contemplated climbing into one of the machines and taking a nap. Turns out it was already packed up inside with the extra place to lay down.
Turns out they are training new people in first stage, so production is very slow. All the other departments were just as bored, but better than me at looking busy.  But, with no supervision around to give me something else to do, i wandered about, seeing if I could help.  Not so much...they were all trying to look busy as well!
I only popped my head in briefly at the shop this afternoon, did a couple assessments for repIrs, and checked out a little Mongoose BMX Angi picked up.  Didn't need much work, and hopefully Kaleb got it taken care of.  One of the repairs we ended up getting for parts, as i unfortunately had to let her know the repairs far exceeded the value of the bike.  She bought it from us about a year ago, lent it out, and they left it outside, after beating it to death.  Hate to write off a bike, but don't want them to waste their money either.  No worries, though, we'll get her hooked up with something better!
Angi also sent the ladies giant hybrid to a new home this AM.  We'd had a LOT of calls and texts on that one, but it sat for almost two weeks!  Then, without fail
, no sooner do we sell it, do three more people come in expecting to pick it up!  LOL!
So uea even with this opressive heat, starting to get busier! Fingers crossed!
lmost have enough to pay taxes, then on to lights!
If nothing else, Suzanne is getting fat and lazy wothpit her daily jaunt to the shop.  Oh, i can't have her come up now!  No AC and the poor girl is miserable! You would be too wearing a fur coat in Florida summers!
I spent the remainder of the afternoon cleaning and organizing my bay, not to mention finding all my tools the boys keep leaving lying around!
Hoping tomorrow brings more folks out, just avoid the afternoon sun.  Ugh! Thats a killer!
Okeu dokey, shower and bed. See ya soon!

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  1. Yeah, September is as hot as August down here, but I got brave (Crazy? Stupid?) this morning and rode over to Tampa and back. The new trail across the bay (what I call Shark Alley) is beautiful at sunrise, in case you wuz wonderin'.

    Plus, I was going faster than the backed-up rush hour traffic.

    Nelson Muntz said it best: