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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Work Time Is No Time For Nap Time!

Yea, bit of a break there, but it's only been due to chaos. LOL! 
Things have gotten a smidge better.  We're at least seeing a few more faces come in, and more folks are starting to get out on two wheels again as the mornings and evenings have been slightly milder (rain not withstanding!) and of course, months of inactivity breed the need for tweaks here and there.  We've even managed to send a couple rides to new homes as well. 
This weekend was...well...not sure what the heck went on!  I was a little under the weather dealing with nausea and a persistent headache, but still trying to "Press On!" so I tried to keep up the schedule.  However, on Saturday, sitting in the back of the shop, having done everything I needed to do, I was just trying to rest my head, and, dangerously, kept nodding off!  Oh yea!  NOT good!  Trouble is, I have a "condition" (low grade narcolepsy) that allows me to function, walk, talk and interact when I'm sleeping!  Especially in times of heightened stress!  What? Stress? Around HERE!?  Yea, surprise, surprise!  Now, I have splintered memories of the interactions, but vague at best.  Here's the kicker!  I had been waiting for a young lady to come in and pick up an old Schwinn three speed, that we refurbed for her in exchange for a bike she brought in a while back.  She had bought a Townie "GiGi" a few years back, wanting vintage, but it only looked that way, and wanted the real thing. Now...I'd called and spoke with her earlier, and she informed me she would be in, in a little bit, than, having nothing else to do and my temples throbbing, I went out back and plopped in my wicker...and apparently passed out.  Next thing I remember, was Angi and Rozy, having come back from the library, rousing me when they came in.  We talked for a little bit about their adventures, than they left, and as I stood in the shop, alone, I looked around...and realized the Schwinn was no longer where I left it! 
Then....that creeping, fog enshrouded semi-awareness that accompanies the remembrance of any interaction I've ever had while "sleeping" slowly crept in.
I can remember greeting her, giving her the bike...but I cannot remember what....I.....said.
See, the trouble is, in that almost trancelike state, the conversation can go one of two ways, either I am completely coherent in my speech OR it will start out that way, and than degrade into incomprehensible ramblings (not unlike this blog HA, HA!) Oh...I can only hope it was the former!  (for example, one time, a friend of mine, who's house I had crashed at one night, told a story of how I shot awake in the middle of the night, got up, made myself a bowl of soup (cold from the can) and grabbed a box of pop tarts, sat at the end of his bed, and just started to talk pleasantly about the events of the day.  It was when he spoke and responded, he stated my eyes went wide, I jumped off the bed (dropping my snack) and looking forward, I apparently started stabbing my finger towards a corner of the celling shouting "Blood Money, Blood Money!! Rate a Penny! Rate a Penny!!"  I, to this day, have NO idea what the hell I was talking about! (and was never invited to sleep over again!) )
So, you see my concern for what, if anything I might have said!
Anywho, as no formal charges have been made (ha, ha!) I can only hope it went well!
Yesterday was a bit of a SNAFU.  Angi came in to open the shop, as I was on my way to clean the bakery (was not up to it on Sunday) and to also check and see if the plant was in operation on the Holiday (it wasn't! YAY!) Trouble is, that morning, when my ultra rude alarm on my phone awoke me for the third time, I apparently shut off all the volumes.  Ugh!  Angi came in, shop phone in hand, only to not know when and if anyone called!  Until of course, several hours later, I came in and told her.  Needless to say, we missed a lot of calls.  Thankfully, I managed to reach a few folks, and they were looking to come in and check out the wares.  Here's where it got comical! 
For some unknown reason, three of the calls were looking for a 24" ride for a young girl. 
We had one left.
Oh...don't get ahead of me...
The first family to come in, gave it a test ride, liked it, and were more than happy with the meager price.  Actually, they were quite thrilled.  As it was raining, and they only had their family car they stated they were going to run home so they could grab the work van and come back and snag it.  Now, he left without paying for it, and while technically that meant it was still up for grabs, they were so smitten with it, I decided to consider it on hold.  Angi brought up the question "what about the others who wanted it?" A good point, but I still wanted to keep my word. 
Now it get's really interesting...
As Angi and I sat outside playing cards, two vehicles arrived, simultaneously in front of the shop...I mean, their tires bumped the curb at identical times!  The Indy Speed Way would have been studying the photos for HOURS to determine the winner!  We both looked at each other and chuckled a nervous laugh, chiming in unison "Ohhhhhh boy!"   Sure enough, it was the gent returning with the van AND the lady from California who had called first.
Everything turned out okay in the end.  The gent was happy with the ride, and the young lady understood the timing, and even took the time to have her daughter try out the sweet 20" Mongoose we had ,which truthfully, fit her daughter a lot better than the 24", which would have been too big.  They decided to look around a little more, and that's cool.
Then, going back to our game of war, another two fathers came in with their daughters....looking for a 24"!
Okey Dokey!  Now, I'm going to look desperately for something to keep me busy!
See ya soon! 

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  1. Well, I'm no doctor, but I play one evenings and weekends...

    I'd say your "low grade narcolepsy" might be brought on by you trying to work three jobs. Hey, it's just a wild guess. HOWEVER: Throw in the fact that you ain't 17 no more, and the stress of life, the universe and everything, and the situation could turn lethal in one last quick heartbeat. We do not all have the luxury of battery back up, my friend.

    My offer still stands: I can show the three stooges how to hop a freight. Most of your problem solved right there.

    And my word to the wise: You'd better ditch the three before there's four. And let me aussre you, I am not joking.