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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

find my other boot...and I'll join you!

Another beautiful day under our belts!  I say beautiful, not only because the weather was excellent mild riding weather, but because I got to SLEEP IN THIS MORNING!!!  WOW!!!
Kaleb took point (um...yea...he's back in the fold.  DON'T JUDGE ME!!) He's earning his keep at the shop while he looks for permanent work (BWAHAHAHA!!) He can effectively turn a wrench, and is good with the customers, but I have to beat his lay about mooching friends away with a crow bar!  Hey...keeps my batting arm in practice!
Yea, pooped to the tenth power I incoherently passed him the keys from beneath the duvet with one crusty eye cracked open and muttered "I'll be up soon" non commitedly, and passed out.  But, I did manage to drag my carcass in around noon time and bang out a few repairs and a couple newbies before I needed to head to the other job.
Also gotta give a shout out to Dave Foot for the bountiful donations of cookies and pastries!  Left overs from a gathering at their retirement community.  Also to the lady with the food donations as they were headed back up north.  Hey, I. Aint so proud I'm gonna pass up free food!  These kids eat butter out of the tub, so they ain't against ANYTHING edible!
We also picked up a couple new goodies we already tore down and are working on, hopefully out tomorrow.  One is a cool looking Schwinn comfort bike, with a real unique frame!
And as always, thanks ever so much  for ALL the continuing referrals folks happily give out!  Lots of looky loos and repairs, not to mention special orders from folks who were told NOT to go ANYWHERE ELSE!!
That's the beauty of good solid friends; they'll NEVER steer you wrong!  And we know by coming to see us, you'll be so thrilled it will strengthen that bond of friendship!
One such new comer came in this afternoon for a noise in the crank, upon study, we found the chain ring was sharked out, and the chain stretched.  This was enough info to inspire the gent to snag up a new ride, in the way of a sharp Raleigh we'd just put out, and he rode off a very happy Snowbird!
That made the day fun!
Okay friends, I gotta shower and hit the silk, so until next time..
Your friend and mine,

ONLY $65.00!!!

ONLY $110.00!!!


  1. Tried to stop by today a bit after ten. Still not open. So... Maybe 11...?

    1. Yea, sorry friend. Check this morning post and you'll see why! Ugh.