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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Time Keeps on Slippin', Slippin', Slippin'.....

Where did the week go?
Seriously, if it were not for Angi reminding me, I would totally lose track of the day's of the week! 
And it's been an energetic week, to say the least!  The season in full swing, we have been working primarily on repairs, and BOY HOWDY have there been a LOT!  Thank you SOOOOO much for all your trust, not to mention some AWESOME compliments along the way!  And one surprisingly common statement has been bandied about from several Snowbirds making the trek South.  This is the fact that several visitors have actually waited to have their bikes serviced until they get here.  And I don't mean just to Florida but specifically HERE!!
I mean, how bad is the service at your local bike shop that you'll drive 2000 miles for a tune up?
No, I'm not THAT vain!  I know they're coming down here for other things!  My charming personality and rapier wit! Really, the Florida Tourist Commission would really amp up their revenue if they adopted the slogan "Come to Florida and visit Steven!" Oh, I can see the dollar signs now!
So, we did manage to put out several newbies amongst the repairs, but of course, I will only be picturing the one's left, which aint much!  It would appear that more and more folk are taking the ten minute rule seriously, and NOT letting them go once they see them!  Had one yesterday that was a Ten Minute Rule in the minus column!  Had a gent looking at a sweet GT MTB we had.  He took it for a ride, loved it, but then was pondering the purchase when another gent came in specifically to check it out, and I watched the unspoken exchange between the two gentlemen.  The funny thing was, as the first guy was thinking, the second man paused, then moved to pull the bike out to take a closer look when the first guy, without so much as an upward glance, place his hands back on the bike and said to me "I'll take it!"  Heh, heh!  Good call sir! 
Today, I have another ladies MTB that seems more hybridish than Mountain, in my rack, then, time allowing, will go on to a vintage Schwinn ten speed we picked up last week.  Although, don't hope to much on that one, as I have five folks waiting for it to be finished. 
The house has gotten interesting...
Miranda finally has her school assignment, and we went to take her on a tour and meet the staff on Tuesday.  The biggest hurtle is going to be separation from Angi.  Normally, a trial for most children, it is doubly traumatic for a child with autism.  While we were there, and Angi spoke with the teachers as I wandered about the classroom following her, she kept glancing back at Mommy, at times annoyed that Mommy was paying attention to someone other than her.  The school is six miles away from the house, and even though they supply a bus for her, if there are any problems, it's going to take a few minuets to get there on a bicycle. 
Kaleb has, for an undetermined amount of time, come back to the house.  The temp agency he was (or still is?) working for seem somewhat flighty.  Not sure where this is all going, but so far he has been on his best behavior, and you can bet Angi has him under a microscope! 
Of course, this week we have been contending with another bout of kiddie colds, so there strewn about the couches, moaning.  Last night, when I got home all the girls were still up and poor Angi was sprawled on the edge of the couch, half on half off, as if she had just dropped "mid-tending" to their needs.  I had to help her to bed as she kept ricocheting off the walls on the way to bed.
I stayed up until the last girl gave up the ghost and passed out myself.
Bringing us too today!
SO, now I best get a move on as I got some heavy chores to do!
See ya soon!

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