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Monday, March 7, 2016

OK...That's SPOOKY!

First things first!
Saturday was STELLAR!!!  We SOLD OUT!!  Well, almost, we have ONE adult size bike left, but I am pumping out more today, so no worries.  It was a fast one after another going out the door all morning!  The funniest one was a gent who came in with an MTB for a tube change, saw the vintage Raleigh we had, fell in love (his friend had a similar Raleigh, so it just fit) and traded in the MTB towards it.  Also, another HILARIOUS moment in the day...about mid morning, I saw a police car pull in front of the shop and stop.  Of course, at this moment I was doing a mental check to figure out if I had done anything "questionable" lately, and as I nervously pondered this a mini van with three retirees pulled behind him and into a parking spot.  As the ladies got out of the van they exchanged waves with the officer and he drove off.
It turns out, they were looking for our shop, couldn't locate it, so the officer gave them an escort right to our door!
COOL!  But...not sure if a cop knowing where we are is a good thing...or a bad thing...
They ended up picking out a ladies cruiser from Bone Row to have built for one of them visiting.  There reception once it was done was most appreciative because we really brought it back from the dead. 
Of course, as always, thank you to all the folks for the traditional flood of weekend repairs and for being quick to return and pick them up! 
NOW....on to the spooky!
Depending on your thoughts regarding the supernatural, you're either going to be entertained and curious or think I'm a loon, but the following story has happened far to much recently!  Either I am going senile, or something else is going on!
Over the last few months, in conjunction with some odd goings on at the house (witnessed by far to many members of the family AND Suzanne) I have been plagued with a weird string of "where did I put that" occurrences.  Things like keys, lighters, tools (at the house, shop and warehouse) that I would then search for, to no avail only to find them some time later in a blatantly obvious spot that I KNEW I had searched through repeatedly.  Sure, I am getting older and will write a lot off as just not paying attention or being tired, what have you, but the following happened on Saturday and is just WAY to obvious to be ignored.  I have a lot of clutter behind the counter, but do my best to keep it organized, and the most important part of office necessity I have is my notebooks.  Currently I have two going and it's where I write down all the customer information regarding repairs, consignments and one is for things folks are looking for.  Whatever notebook I am working in ALWAYS stays behind the counter in easy access.
Until Saturday.
I had finished a string of repairs and went to call the customers only to discover both notebooks gone.  Rozy and Owen were here that day and I though they may have taken them to doodle in, but neither had them.  What followed was an exhaustive search of the whole shop, and a thorough cleaning of the counter area (best way to find something is clean as you go) but found NOTHING! 
Somewhat frustrated, I consoled myself to the fact that perhaps Izzy had grabbed them on Friday and took them home, and prayed that the customers would call when they curious about their bikes.  Mind you, when we left Saturday evening, I was the last one out, and gave a cursory glance to the counter area for good measure, but nothing was there, just a clean organized area.  And, as it turned out, they weren't at the house either.
Then I came in to the shop this morning...
NO ONE else has a key to the shop, there is only one.  NO ONE (at least corporeal) was at the shop since we left Saturday but lo and behold, what do I find neatly stacked on top of each other DEAD CENTER of a clean desk top!?! It was like whoever or whatever was saying "HA HA!  HERE YA GO!"
Either I am losing my mind, or we got ourselves a spiritual hitch hiker!
As long as the sucker is just mischievous and not malevolent...we'll be okay!
So, as long as I can keep track of my tools, it's off to bang out some rides!
Hope to see y'all soon!  (bring sage, salt and a crucifix)


  1. My friend Patrick Creel is a Ghostbuster.

    Who ya gonna call?

  2. I'd love to have someone come in to cleanse the house of malicious entities....but then half the kids would disappear!