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Thursday, March 24, 2016

HEY. Dr. Fate! Take this day and SIT ON IT!

Okay. That was a thing.
Wendsday morning coming home from work I came to find, whilst a few minutes into relaxing and posting before night, night time that all the girls had different plans!  A scant few moments after finalizing my post and heaving my kiester into an upright position, Miranda awoke. Wide awoke!  Took me an hour to get her settled down, and no sooner had she drifted off, did Izzy wake up and wanted to tell me about het day.  Who can resist that angelic little face and baby blues?  So once she was content with the length of Daddy time, she took a shot of milk and drifted off,  Finally thinking I had it made I went into take a shower, only to discover Rozy was occupying my spot in bed! As she has gotten to grown for this old back to carry to bed I had to undertake the arduous task of trying to get her to move to her room.  NOT an easy task for such a heavy sleeper!  Delirious and still sleeping she kept flopping back towards our room and I had to forcefully steer her to her bunk. Finally, with all females in some approximation of proper sleep quarters, I headed to the shower...
Around six AM!

Needless to say...Kaleb opened up!
Fate not done toying with me, I crawled in around 12.30 in JUST enough time to waste an hour on the phone with the Succubuss's at the Department of revenue.  Oh yes, the bimonthly playful romp with these morons who have NOOOO concept of KEEPING NOTES!
Once it was determined that the "encrypted" email they sent was inaccessible (he had to prove it to himself by sending one to himself only to declare in a completely dry, unapologetic tone "hmm, there's no way to access this link"  DUH!!!) And do what I HAD ORIGINALLY ASKED HIM TO DO. and send the bloody info snail mail!!
Could have had the whole thing taken care of last week if they just listened!
Somebody just slap me!
With an hour left to my vices I tried to get on repairs only to find the parts I had ordered turned out to be the wrong ones, well, they sent me the wrong ones, so with a deluge of Daddy language, I set it aside for tomorrow and just cleaned for the remainder of my short time.
Then, to top off the day of fun and frivolity...
I got to the warehouse this afternoon, WAY burnt out, frustrated and exhausted and was not...coordinated.  none to coherent, I took my work list and ambled about for a few minutes, until the floor manager came over, took me aside and in a compassionate tone let me know that someone expressed the concern that...
 I was under the influence!?
After relaying the state of affairs of the last twelve hours of my life, he just shook his head and stated "no, I think you're cognizant "
Sometimes, a group of burly shop workers are worse than a bloody sewing circle!
You can quote me! goes without saying, I didn't get SQUAT done today, sadly, but hope to rectify that later this morning.
And to top it off...I cannot say with conviction if I ever GOT a shower last night!
Hopefully the chipper me will be the one to wake up tomorrow.
Night y'all.

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