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Monday, March 21, 2016

Another Perfect Sunday!

So apparently Angi has a direct link with Mother Nature, and has her on speed dial!  For the last couple months Angi has been painstakingly planning a big party for all the kids.  It was a combination "All Hands Birthday Party", and Apology.  Last year was so bad financially we ended up having to skip everyone's celebration.  Oh she did cupcakes to mark the day, but couldn't swing gifts or cake or decorations, and she felt pretty sad about it.  The kids took it in stride, but she never forgot.  With great time and effort she planned out a real humdinger of a celebration, setting it for the first day of Spring Break (well, the first day I wasn't working) and had everything done, all ducks in a row (except the food, which needed getting the day before (leave any snacks in the house for more than twelve hours and they would have all been gone before the party!)) She had all the gifts got, rented a jumpy house, tables and chairs, some way cool inflatable outside furniture NOT to mention, an awesome DVD projector, to set up a really neato outside movie theatre, plenty of outside games, decorations galore and plenty of barbeque!
Two days before the party a cold front was coming in, preceded by two days of rain!
We'd been watching the weather report diligently since mid week, and each day the projected  chance there would be rain on Sunday continued to climb!  By Saturday, having already rained most of the day, the outlook was bleak with a 50% chance we would be rained out.  I started making plans to regrettably move the celebration indoors, but in a very calm and collected voice Angi reassured me "It's not going to rain".  Very matter of fact, as if she had the inside poop contradicting the weathermen.  Well, I wasn't going to question (but the back of my brain was still calculating an indoor retreat) and went on with finalizing errands Saturday Evening.  Finally finishing all the prep (and wrapping) we hit the sack at 3.30 am only to be woken by a phone call at 7.30 that the rental company was outside the house with the HUGE jumpy house. 
SO, our morning of prep began, and the whole while I had one eye on the clouds, worried at any point the skies would open up, but Angi went happily about her decorating without a worry in the world.  To my surprise, around ten AM the clouds had all but drifted away, leaving only sunny blue skies, warm air but accented with an almost constant light breeze.  You could NOT have asked for a more perfect day!  The kids and their friends had a BLAST!  It was an all day affair that went off without a hitch (SO NOT like what usually happens!) and aside from a slight altercation between Izzy and Miranda regarding who's gifts were who's (and Owen insistently trying to annoy everyone) it was wonderful!  I even had my OWN treat, by midafternoon, having gorged myself on barbeque, and as Angi sat out front socializing with the parents I snuck into the back yard and took a nap on the big inflatable loveseat!
Hee, hee!
Then, as the sun started to set, the cold front drifted in, and it was just enough to warrant lighting the fire pit outside, and we sat about chatting up the day.  At this point, I asked Angi how she knew it would not rain, she just smiled a peaceful smile and stated "I had a word with God.  We came to an understanding" as if that was all I needed to know. 
Once dark, we drifted out back and with the kiddos snuggled up with blankets and watched the new "Peanuts" movie and brought the day to a close.  After an hour of clean up, we hung outside with the boys and their friends until we ran out of firewood and then hit the sack.
Sure enough, once finished and settling down to bed, the REAL cold moved in accented with rain!
God listened!
SO, on to work!
Saturday, as stated, was rainy, so aside from a few repairs we were quiet, but we did manage to bang out a few kiddo bikes, and a couple adult rides.  A real clean ladies MTB and a mechanically sound (but somewhat scratched up) Fuji road bike, but that one is priced accordingly!
Today, gotta git to the repairs and hopefully a couple more newbies as we are sadly understocked at the moment!  With that, I best git!
See ya soon!

ONLY $110.00!!

ONLY $75.00!!

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