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Monday, June 6, 2016

Monday Morning, Today!

Sunday was SPRING CLEANING TIME!!! Well, okay, maybe not spring and unfortunately not just one day!  Ugh!  Still got stuff to put up today.  Trying to get the back of the shop organized and cleaned out.  Way too much sh...tuff cluttering up my area.  Surprising how much stuff you can accumulate when you're not really paying attention!  Of course, s I always the rule, the stuff will be sitting here for years, and the moment I get rid of it, is the moment I need it!  Just SAYING!
Yesterday was the perfect day for it, as with the impending storm coming, most folks just seemed to evaporate and go into hiding.  Funny thing is, it wasn't much of a much.  Some gusts and sheet rain for about a half an hour last night, and then just a slow, incessant drizzle.  I really don't think that qualifies as a HAZZARD WARNING that flashed over my cell phone last night! 
So, yes, more cleaning today, and getting rid of some of the access stuff I really have no need for, then, if time allows, on to newbies!
Thanks to all the folks for slowly trickling in today to grab their repairs.  Helps me weed out that to!
Okay, so tonight, I'm not sure if I will be finally getting out of shipping and going on to my new vocation, or if I'm going to have to continue there for a little while longer.  The "kid" they hired to replace me never showed up on Friday.  Granted, it's hard work, and the joint ain't temperature controlled, but it's a paying job! Trouble I find, is there's a good chunk of this latest generation that seems to want  the money, but not the work to get it!  By my standards, he was very slow, and spent the better part of Thursday complaining about the heat and the noise in the plant, as it was giving him a headache?  Seriously,  go hit up McDonalds.  SHEESH!  Sorry, but I just don't cotton to laziness!  The end result is, unless they get another body in there, I may be continuing, in some capacity, to cover that area.  Well, at least it won't effect my raise!
Okay, now I better get back at it!
See ya soon!

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