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Monday, July 24, 2017

It's been far too long!!

Nine months?!
It's been way, way to Long since I paid this place a visit! And A LOT can happen in nine months!
And NO before you do the math, Angi and I didn't have another baby!
Well... Not the human kind! Though we did have some serious changes a foot! At the beginning of June we were informed by our previous landlord that when we were to sign the new lease they were going to be raising our rent.
As there is a new, high end apartment complex going up less then a block away, they anticipate a massive boon in foot traffic to the plaza.
Yes, we were well established in the old location, but the increase in rent (given their unwillingness to do any kind of repairs or upgrades to the property) we chose a move.
There was an empty space in a small plaza, less then a block away, that I had ben noticing on my way home every night, that I thought would make for a cool spot.  Obviously, fate was playing it's hand!  This space, being double the size of what we were occupying, was only fifty bucks more a month of the OLD rent!  Well, you don't have to smack me with a 2X4 to get the hint!
And so began a three week (that turned into a six week) renovation of the new space, but GOLLY BOB HOWDY when she was done?! 
Finally, a space large enough to display all our wares without having to have a bunch of greasy totes littering the landscape!  Not to mention, staging area for all the newbies without having to climb over piles just to get the work done!  And there aint nothing like the look of fresh paint and sweet display areas! 
For all those interested, with the help of  visual aids, I'll walk you through the evolution of the NEW RE-Cycle home!!

Here's a full frontal of the new digs!!!  Nice corner unit!   Love the columns!  Like the Greek Gods answer to cyclists everywhere!!
The insides of our new lair!  No, it's really not that narrow.  the wall to the left is a secondary one from the previous tenants and it had to go!

Deep in the bowles!  You can begin to see that size relly does matter!!!

As stated, that wall HAD TO GO!  No CLUE why the insulated it!

In true RE-CYCLE fashion, we reuse all that is provided!  You'll see what we used it for  shortly!
The crew taking a lunch (and cellphone) break.

Elijah, lumbering about!

Owen, helping with the sanding the massive amount of skim coat we had to put on the wall. Previously, they had paneling (very "Bradyesque"!)

As stated....LOTS of joint compound to try and level out the walls!

after about a week of grunt work, got some color on the walls!

Beginning to take form as the display racks go up!

Thanks to Brandon for the "towel rack" display concept

As of the end of June, we had to be out of the old joint, and due to some missed times, a LOT of rain and just shear frustration, the remaining stock and material had to be humped down here on foot and just shoved where they could fit, mid-construction!  Trust me!  Having to move this stuff back and forth while we worked was a REAL headache!

The small parts display was redone a tad bit to offer a better view and easier to access way of seeing!

A wheel rack that ACTUALLY works!!!

A place to actually hang and VIEW the fenders, bars, chainguards and forks!  Again, AWAY with the ugly totes!!
Owen, keeping his own record of our progress!

More of the stuff we were tripping over!

Here's where the recycled building materials from the old wall came in use.  Walling off my bay ad the back area that will become Angi's office and work station.

Yes, even the old sheet rock was redone!

Taking a moment in the build, we also redid our old sign so people could find us, as we were open as of July first!

The wall (mostly) finished, my work bay takes shape!

YES!!!  A fully accessible video rack....

....For all the way cool movies for sale!

All racks up in my work station, the parts are sorted and put up (in the best possible organization I could muster)

It took a day to clean all the videos and organize!  LOTS of movies!

Owen was not thrilled helping me hang all these goodies!

Now, fully organized, the pics and chotskies start going up and it begins to feel a LOT more like home!

Elijah putting up the important stuff!  Daddy's flat screen in my work area!

An ACTUAL clean and functional bathroom!!!

It may be a small office...but it works!!!


Granted, we still have to do something with the floor, we just haven't decided what yet.  Not to mention, gotta get a little more cash in our pockets to do so...(that's where ya'll come in!)
It's been a long strange trip, but we have HIGH hopes for this new venture!  We have LOT'S of new goodies to choose from and keep building more every day!   Come have a blast and check out our irreverent style!  This ain't your average "boutique Bike shop!"
Talk to you soon!

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