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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

It takes all kinds

Here's a hint: " don't tell a bicycle snob he's an elitist"! Hahahaha!
Have been having an interesting back and forth with a gent that is "administrator" to a Facebook site that lists bicycle for sale or swap. One of many we were pedaling our wares  on.  Received a message from him that their site was not one that endorsed "box store bikes". Suffice to say, after attempting to educate him in regards to the quality of SOME of them, he held true to the fact that they were all garbage.
Even the fact that the same company that makes Roadmaster makes Cannondale and the parts are interchangeable didn't move him. He grew more and more agitated.
I'm a VERY bad boy when I know I got someone agitated...
I pushed.
However, like politics and religion, when someone believes something, regardless if it is based on any truth, questioning that belief can be... Explosive.
Truth is, I don't question the fact that there ARE better quality rides out there, but then, most folks can't afford to shell out thousands for a new or even used ride just to keep up with the Joneses. Most folks just want a good, reliable, CHEAP ride to bang about on, get to work, go bar hopping, or have an excuse to tear the kiddos away from the Play station for an afternoon. So what's wrong with an "under a hundred bucks" ride? Why turn your nose up at someone enjoying banging about on a Schwinn or a Huffy? Sorry, but I can't abide they opinion that we're"polishing a turd"
It's this same mentality that forces every day folk to have to endure the raised noses at the "boutique bike shops" when you walk your Roadmaster into that swanky shop because you got a flat , and the mechanic acts like he's being asked to care for an Ebola victim!
Seriously!? How does someone, SIMULTANEOUSLY stick their nose
 in the air and their head up their.... Well... You know!
Ugh! Burns my biscuits!
Sorry, but for years I've banged about on old Schwinns and huffys and am not complaining. Don't know why some folk have to get an attitude because I'm not sporting a gold plated Fuji or something
Simple truth is it is A MIGHTY big road out there and there is room for all sorts of rides!  If you're one of the chosen few that can sport a couple hundred dollars of spandex body suits, and a Lexus on two wheels, more power to you! But just makes way for the Huffy towing the kids carrier when you're bombing down the trail.

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